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We are currently updating the Units, if you see something wrong or you belong in unit(s) let Galvas or Thepio know.

Mage Unit
Forms the core of the mages in DNM as all mages are urged to join this unit
Masters of Body, Mind, Nature, and Soul skills with unmatched Intelligence
Organized into the different schools and different forms of magic
High ranking mages are allowed to take warrior apprentices to train in both
healing and other forms of magic
The Mage Unit aids all members of the guild in various ways
By casting Fortify, Healing, and other spells they aid the hunters and warriors
By casting Alacrity, Might, Nourish, and others they aid the trademen
By casting Brilliance and others they can aid apprentice mages as well as any others
Head Mage: Caesir
Mage Scribe: Caesir
Mages: Magic Touch, Graithor

Medic Division
Sub-division of the Mage Unit
Work in healing warriors and any others who may be in need of it
Formed of people skilled in first aid and magic healing
Includes members from both Navy and Marines
For more information contact the head of the Mage Unit
Members: Caesir, Ferro, Thepio

Mounted Unit
Train in riding horses and other animals
Master tamers
Includes members from both Navy and Marines
Leader: Nnyl Solea
Co-leader: Galvas
Members: Caesir, Gustor, sarsourti, Graithor

Supply & Support
Supply the different units with whatever they may need
Unit is divided into different groups or determined by specialty
See Unit Leader or Division Leader for work or supplies needed
Unit Leader: Ferro
Unit Co-Leader: KenTheBeast
Head of Mining: Qualzar
Head of Smelting: Graithor
Head of Blacksmithing: Farleck
Head of Woodworks: KenTheBeast
Head of Planting: Sarsourti
Head of Foraging: Sarsourti
Head of Leatherworks: Gentle Kosketus
Members: Amphisia, Beowulf, Ford Prefect (Woodworking), Zular,   Sarsourti, Farleck (Blacksmith) , Victor Freelancer (Miner, Planting), Bow N Arrow (Foraging, Leatherworking, WoodWorking), Louie Eclaire (foraging, Baking), DeMarcus (Planting), Cuban Mob (planting), Chrono (Planting, Mining), Grimtooth (Mining), Truggles (Mining, Smelting, Blacksmithing), Vintage (Mining), Jeff Rogers (Woodworking)

Task Force
Formed of both Navy and Marines
Special tactics sessions and training
The Task Force is the fighting front of DNM
Skilled in all forms of melee and missile combat,
the Task Force protects the guild and keeps its armory supplied
The Task Force is broke down into a few divisions, see below for more information on the divisions
Leader: Galvas
Co-Leader: Thepio
Unit Scribe:
Members: Ferro, DynamiteD, Voin, Kenthebeast, Qualzar, Wiliard, Bow-N-Arrow, Lady Babe

Archery Division
The archers of DNM are members of the TF, who are skilled in both Bows and Crossbows
This unit shall work as a backup unit for the TF in hunts as well as in other missions
Formed of both Navy and Marines.
For more information contact the head of the Task Force
Division Leader:  Ferro
Division Co-Leader: KenTheBeast

Bowmen Leader: Ferro
Crossbowmen Leader: Wiliard
Thrown Weapons Leader: Thepio

Melee Division
This division is primarily composed of hunters and warriors
The melee Division of the Task Force is the backbone of any fight
Members are skilled in all melee combat skills
Head of Axes: Thepio
Head of Blunts: N/A
Head of Large Blades: N/A 
Head of Polearms: N/A
Head of Small Blades: N/A 
Head of Unarmed: Galvas