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Fleet Admiral Jeff Rogers Navy Log

Day 264 B.W. (before warp)
The bloodshed has been horrid and stained our once noble lands, an evil shade. Townspeople hide in fear, and even our troops are weary, as everything and most everyone have become as evil as the devil. Monsters overrun the countryside, people are killing each other and mass destruction is apparent everywhere. I ready my ships, to set sail, and call my crew, as we must set forth to find new lands. I feel our creator has taken leave, as he cannot but be frustrated with the happenings in his lands, and with his people.

Day 3
We have undergone a transformation, the lands have been renewed, a Time-warp, if you will and can believe it! We find ourselves off a small island, perhaps our creator, gives 2nd chance, to make good with what he has given us. We have been fortunate to find much needed materials, on this island to rebuild.. We have lost some crew and some material items, but we rebuild and set sail for new land in 10 days.

Day 13
Sails are full, strong winds from the north west. Spirits are high, the excitement of adventure runs through our veins, once again.

Day 45
Blast, the sea legs are weary. We have yet to catch site of land. We must keep our spirits up, as we grow disheartened, at our long journey. Land shall be found.

Day 83
We have been at sea, many months now, and Ahoy! Land be in site !

My crew is anxious to explore and conquer these new lands. I shall gather my crew and give orders to fight, hunt (to replenish our supplies), and set land base camp for troops.

Day 84
The marines have been dispatched to scrimmage the immediate area. I await their report.

Day 86
We have successfully set up camp, hunting has been plentiful, and there is an abundance of materials required for the fabrication of new weapons and armor for the troops. I have received word of many strong, mysterious monsters, to be watchful for, deep into the new land. We may be in for the fight of our lives to claim this land and civilize it. But by our Patron Saint, Palanthor, God of Honour, Order, Truth and Righteous Combat , we shall sharpen our weapons and repair our armors, and fight we shall.

Day 91
Many lives have been lost, and many lessons we have learned, in these great new lands. I have received reports of primitive beings attacking, unprovoked. An evil lays across this land, that must be abolished. The troops are excited and anxious to conquer.


Marine Commandant Log Book

Day 107 B.W. (before warp)
I have optimized our war fighting resources, and I fear it is to no avail. The evils of this land have infected every beast and most men with a vile blood lust.

Troops are battle fatigued, but we stand strong, I await intelligence reports from the field.

Day 260 B.W.
I have received word, that Navy is preparing ships, I have sent forth word, for my troops to retreat. Weather is horrid, stormy and dark. They should be able to mask their presence, safely under the cloak of darkness.

Day 1
We have traveled to a strange time, crew is regrouping and preparing to board Navy ship in 2 weeks. I have given orders to gather supplies and raw materials. Scouts have been assigned to ships, and new recruits are finishing basic invasion training.

Day 30
It is a long journey, my bought's of dealing with crew and my personal seasickness has left me worn and weary, and pissed as vinegar at the never-ending waves. Force 9 gale winds during day and adjusting body clocks to cope with watch system, leaves many crewmembers quick tempered.

Day 67
A break in the monotony of the rolling waters, we were visited and amused by a family of 3 whales, playing but 100 feet away from ship. It was a welcome reprise, a chance to forget the present and our unknown future.

Day 79
Caught in shackles of high-pressure system, it has taken great self-control to restrain my temper as our mileage has disappeared in 3 days of frustration.

Day 83
Land found, I have sent forward my scouts with small teams to set communications points on highest peak, seen from here, and furthest viewable from there.

Day 88
Scouts have been reporting of many great beasts scattered through this land.

A direct attack fell 3 men from 1st fleet. We may need to wait for navigation to gather all information from scouts, to form a plan of attack on this land.

Day 91
Positions have been abandoned. Damages have been conservative, but we are best to salvage ourselves and replan our infiltration onto these lands. Task force has been dispatched to recover remaining troops in field.

We will regroup and rest at camp until all available information is in.

I must pick men for picket duty and a light mine layer. My kamikaze warriors are ready and waiting to be sent forth.