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Code of Conduct

**Proper respect should be maintained at all times, formal conduct should be observed while in uniform. ** 

-At guild meetings and other events requiring you to be in uniform you should ask permission to speak in guild or regular chat, you may use whisper freely 

-Once meetings start you should not cast spells or practice trade skills that create noise 

-If you must go afk for more than a few seconds or need to leave a meeting early request permission when possible 

-Do not speak or request permission to speak while an officer or guildmate is giving a report, wait until they return to their spot to do so 

-When granted permission to speak, take a step forward, return to your position when you're finished 

-When called by an officer to front and center salute when you get there and do not return until you're told to fall back in, salute again before falling in 

-Do not move from the ranks without permission, use whisper to keep from idling out 

-Do not question an officer's orders or talk back to an officer, comply and follow up with the officer after the meeting 

-Do not attack or cast* on a superior officer while in uniform (*without permission) 

-Do not curse while in uniform 

-Full uniforms should be worn at all guild meetings 

Breaking of guild rules or the code of conduct will result in the offender receiving demerits. Each demerit will be accompanied by a punishment. Acquiring too many demerits can result in loss of rank. 

If everyone abides by the code of conduct hopefully our meetings can be more efficient and less stressful. We rarely ask for formalities more than at Sunday meetings, so please give your best efforts and respect to your guildmates regardless of rank.